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Kogane is a brand new Ramen restaurant in the historic neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, New York. In the Japanese tradition, Kogane signifies Gold, an element which represents prosperity. Through Kogane, we hope to achieve prosperity in our business and that when you dine with us, you will also be blessed with much good luck and fortune.

Kogane is a level above the others because we serve ‘Daily Homemade Fresh Ramen’. We produce the Ramen on premise, enabling us to ensure the superiority of the raw ingredients, the Ramen’s texture, flavor and most importantly, the freshness of each bowl served. The journey of our homemade Ramen begins with the preparations and mixing of the raw ingredients, kneading the dough and eventually the cutting of the Ramen. We carefully control the duration in which the noodles are boiled to obtain the perfect texture. All the elements in the broth, toppings and seasonings are carefully crafted to be in perfect balance with each other. This will make sure that each bowl of Ramen served at Kogane display a unique bounce and taste while maintaining its true essence.

For now, Kogane offers two kinds of distinctive homemade Ramen styles. Tokyo style ramen with its slightly thin, curly noodles is probably the most recognizable image of ramen. Hakata style ramen originates from Hakata district of Fukuoka city in Kyushu. The noodles are long, thin and firm.

We are pleased to have you visit us to experience a true Japanese Ramen tradition. Savor a hearty bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen with rich pork bone broth, relish in our signature Shoyu Ramen with a delightfully complex base of chicken broth or challenge your tastebuds with our Spicy Miso with an aromatic spicy miso and bone broth. We have also a selection of salad, side dishes, toppings and desserts to complete your Ramen experience at Kogane.



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